Nexus Real Estate moves to the Gemeenlandshuis in Amsterdam

December 2015 – As per mid December 2015 Nexus Real Estate has moved to the Gemeenlandshuis at the Diemerzeedijk 27 in Amsterdam. 

The Gemeenlandshuis on the Diemerzeedijk is a monument of the Dutch battle against water. The building has served as the stately residence for the “Hoogheemraadschap van den Zeeburg en Diemerdijk” (the local water board) as of 1727.

With its monumental façade, symmetrical landscaping, coach house and stables, the building resembles a grand estate. In 2013, the Gemeenlandshuis was restored with an eye for period features and sustainability. In the interior the Gemeenlandshuis has a hall with beautiful stucco, a monumental staircase and two regent rooms on the first floor with large fireplaces and views of the garden and the surrounding area. The building is still used for meetings and gatherings of the water board.

The owner of the property is Vereniging Hendrick de Keyser. The independent, non-profit charity Vereniging Hendrick de Keyser aims to be the guardian of the architectural heritage of The Netherlands by acquiring, conserving, restoring and renting out historic properties. Buildings which it acquires have to meet strict requirements. They have to be fine examples of the architecture or the living history of a certain period. Much attention is given to the authenticity of the interiors.

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