Nexus extends lease for 12,400 sqm with Elsevier in Millennium Tower Amsterdam

Nexus Real Estate has renewed the lease agreement with Elsevier with effect from 1 July 2023 in respect of 11,765 sqm of office space, 635 sqm of archive space and 146 parking spaces in Millennium Tower building on Radarweg in Amsterdam. Elsevier has thus committed itself for a new long-term period to this iconic building on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

Millennium Tower was built in 2001 as headquarters for Elsevier and has since become one of the largest and most iconic buildings for this area. Over the years, Millennium Tower has been transformed from single-tenant headquarters, to a high-end multi-tenant office building. The ground floor includes a gym, bakery café and several general-use meeting rooms.

Part of this extension is a complete renovation of the central entrances, the lift portals and the gym with changing rooms, all based on a design by renowned architectural firm Graziosi Progetti. This work has now started. In addition, a company restaurant will be built on the 1st floor for all tenants of the building.

Millennium Tower has an A-label. In January this year, the landlord started the process to also BREEAM certify the building.

With the extension of Elsevier in Millennium Tower, almost the entire building has been let on a long-term basis. About 3,800 m² of office space on the 6th and 15th floors remain to be let. Various large tenants are located in the Millennium Tower building, including UWV, Hoya, NCR and Gracenote.

Millennium Tower is part of a larger real estate portfolio managed by Nexus Real Estate on behalf of Tristan Capital Partners since 2019.

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