Nexus Real Estate extends lease agreement with Roche for Dutch head office in Woerden

January 2017 – Nexus Real Estate has recently extended the lease agreement with Roche Netherlands for office building De Poort at the Beneluxlaan in Woerden. Roche leases approximately 3,857 sqm office space, 42 parking places in the parking garage and 37 parking places at the outside area.

As part of the strategy for this portfolio – to which this building belongs to – Nexus on behalf of the owner invests in the commercial attractiveness and improvement of the buildings. Roche is located in “De Poort” building since its completion in 2003. The strategy – as prepared and executed by Nexus – has resulted in a successful extension of the lease.

Roche is one of the leading research-oriented healthcare companies in the world, with combined strengths in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. For more than 100 years, Roche has been active in discovering, developing and delivering innovative products and services around the early detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The pharmaceutical division of Roche is active in the Netherlands since 1968 and has its Dutch head office in Woerden. Approximately 190 employees of Roche Netherlands works from this office in Woerden and are engaged solely in marketing, sales and clinical research. Over the years, the company, thanks in particular to the oncology portfolio, has become the largest hospital companies in the Netherlands.

“De Poort” building is part of a larger real estate portfolio managed by Nexus Real Estate since 2015. With this extension and the earlier lease to GDP Media and Actelion Pharmaceuticals Netherlands in 2015, the future of the building is guaranteed for the coming years.

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