Nexus Real Estate closes 10-year lease with Nieman Group in Zwolle

March 2017 – Nexus Real Estate has signed a new 10-year lease agreement with Nieman Group in its office building Le Barrage at the Dokter van Lookeren Campagneweg 2-16 in Zwolle. Nieman leases 1,250 sqm office space and 31 parking spaces, including 10 on a flexible basis.

The Nieman Group creates sustainable buildings where people live, work and recreate in a safe, healthy and comfortable invironment. Nieman has corporations, developers, developing self-builders, contractors, architects and governments as its customers. The Nieman Group includes Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Nieman-Kettlitz Gevel- en Dakadvies, Nieman-Valk Technisch Adviesbureau and Nieman Kwaliteitsborging. The Nieman Group has approximately 120 employees.

Due to the expansion of its operations and merger of two business units in Zwolle, Nieman has chosen to expand at this location and to commit for the long-term to the Le Barrage building.

Office building Le Barrage is part of a larger real estate portfolio managed by Nexus Real Estate since late 2015.